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More than ever, companies need a means of communication that offers a high level of proximity, impact and attraction, improves the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns and increases ROI. One such way to achieve all of these is by utilising Digital Out-of-Home advertising, also know as DOOH advertising. DOOH advertising is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the home through the means of place-based digital media.


Mida Systems' solution to DOOH is to utilise VODXS™ taps to provide advertisers and marketers with a unique and engaging platform that is hyper-targeted, dynamic, measureable and located in the world’s most popular, high-traffic venues. DOOH in general is a rapidly expanding medium with the ability to reach every individual outside their home in an engaging and targeted manner. When executed properly, using effective, professionally designed content, it can be a very powerful way to enhance your brand identity and engage with consumers when they are most receptive to receiving your advertising and marketing messages.

Measurable Results

Advertisers can be assured that their ads will be displayed constantly throughout the day and know how often their ads were displayed. The system can tell you exactly how many times your ad has been watched and for how long.


Because Mida Systems are selective in our venue acquisition, our advertisers can appeal directly to their target market and target specific genders in high traffic venues, as well as knowing what type of ads will appeal most to the demographics of those venues.



High Traffic Locations


Full Motion HD Video


Targeted Placement


Day Parting



Captive Audience


Gender Specific


Measurable Engagements

Talking Point


High Product Recall


Associated With 'Clean' Advertising

Mida Systems are an innovative media company that use state of the art technology to deliver digital advertising to taps in public washrooms. Using patented technologies, we transform taps from simple appliances that regulate water to unparalleled branding and advertising opportunities.

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