How We Partner With You

Mida Systems will install VODXS™ (Visual On Demand Experience Systems) Taps in your establishment. You will be able to promote your own products, services, or upcoming promotions to a captive and receptive audience for free on the taps screens. Mida Systems will source additional advertisers that will advertise services or products that are complementary to your venue.


VODXS™ Taps are currently installed all over the world in; sports stadiums, concert halls and arenas, shopping malls, airports, casinos, theatres, museums, bowling alleys, theme parks, universities, nightclubs, restaurants, private clubs, hospitals, and corporate office buildings.

Testimonial Video – MGM Grand, Las Vegas


Cost Savings

• Eliminates any costs associated with maintaining or replacing existing taps. Taps are guaranteed, so if you have any defects then our engineers will repair/replace as necessary absolutely free.


• Upto 70% water savings over manual taps.


• No water overrun as sensor stops water immediately when hands are removed from under the tap.


• Water will never spray or splash.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

• Waste water reduction.


• Set the desired temperature of the water.


• Monitored water usage.

Improved Washroom Environment

• Visual Appeal. The taps aesthetic appeal visually improves any washroom environment and also subconsciously associates health and cleanliness with your brand.


• Water will never spray or splash


• Disabled friendly. Sensors on the taps mean nothing needs to be turned or pushed making Tele-Taps very easy to use for disabled people.


• Improve your customers overall experience in the washroom.

Efficient Staff Deployment

• Accurate usage reports mean that our Digital Taps help venues to deploy staff effectively based on the number of visits that washroom has had, leading to potential savings.


• See exactly how many people are using your facilities. This can be broken down by the hour.

Free Advertising For Your Venue

• To effectively influence consumer behaviour, advertisers and marketers need to reach people at or near the points where purchase decisions are made. By allowing each venue the opportunity to promote their own products, services, specials, etc, it increases the likelihood of additional sales at the point of purchase.


• Engage directly with your customers and create a talking point.


• Talking point for customers…high product recall!


• Gender and means specific! Hit your target audience and advertise ladies products in the womens toilets and mens products in the gents.


• See exactly how many people have watched your advert.

Mida Systems are an innovative media company that use state of the art technology to deliver digital advertising to taps in public washrooms. Using patented technologies, we transform taps from simple appliances that regulate water to unparalleled branding and advertising opportunities.

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